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Turning that dream home into a reality can be easier said than done. Rising costs and long wait times can leave you feeling as if that dream you once had is quickly turning into a nightmare. The professionals at Modular Home Additions know how stressful this process can be and that's why we have gone to great length to ensure this transition can go as smoothly as possible. With an eye towards keeping costs competitive while maintaining the highest standards in terms of quality Modular Home Additions is a sure fire to instantly improve the look and feel of your home.
Our revolutionary techniques have transformed the entire home renovation industry and left the competition in our wake. By concentrating on having as much of the job done outside of your home we are able to trim costs, (savings that are passed on to you the consumer) keep a tight schedule and keep working twelve months of the year regardless of what mother nature throws at us.

Quality or Cost Effective

Sadly it seems many in the home renovation business seem to think you can only have one or the other. Not so at Modular Home Additions. We take a great deal of pride in providing you with the highest standards in terms of our contractors and do it a more than reasonable price. By eliminating many of the costs that accompany a drawn out renovation we are able to offer savings in the realm of 30% less than a traditional renovation.

Another important aspect to remember in terms of cost is quite simply: what you are quoted is what you will pay. Our industry is rife with stories of escalating costs that turn your addition into a major subtraction on your bank account. By doing so much of the work away from your home leaving alone a lickety split installation you are able to avoid those costs.

Regardless of how you are looking to renovate your home, with a second-story, a ground-floor addition or a complete restructuring of the floor plan, we can provide accurate quotes and a detailed outline of how we are going to go about your project.

More than Just a Promise

When choosing Modular Home Additions you are setting yourself up for the highest in customer service, and professionalism. This level of care continues once the installation is done as well via our renowned warranty that extends to all our products and services. You don't need to just take our word for it either as being voted 2 Time Best in Town Contractor can attest to.
If you are ready to begin an exciting new chapter in your own life as well as that of your home then Modular Home Additions is right and only choice.
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